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Rebuilding Muscle Mass: Protein and HMB

Our muscles need protein to provide the nutrients necessary to rebuild, but research has also shown that the nutritional supplement HMB can aid in this process.

Bounce Back Stronger: The Secret To Speedier Recoveries

New research has shown different strategies to help aging adults recover more quickly after a hospital visit.

Can You Gain Muscle While Losing Weight?

When trying to lose weight many people will actually shed muscle mass and hold body fat. Building muscle mass while simultaneously losing body fat can be accomplished when done correctly.

Financial impact of sarcopenia on hospitalization costs.

In this prospective study hospitalized adult patients with sarcopenia were assessed and hospitalization costs were calculated for each patient. The authors concluded that sarcopenia is related to hospitalization costs and is estimated to increase costs by 58.5% for patients aged <65 years and 34% for patients aged >65 years.