Bodybuilding is all about creating symmetry and packing on muscle mass. Many fresh faces are coming into the sport in the Classic Physique category, due to the healthier and more attainable physique. While it may be more attainable, it doesn’t mean that these athletes don’t have to train hard and follow a strict diet to see results. In fact, many of these athletes need proper supplementation to take their physique to new levels.

In the article Top 10 Classic Bodybuilding Supplements, Victor R. Prisk, M.D. shares the 10 essential supplements that he believes are crucial to a bodybuilders competition plan. HMB is one of the featured supplements in this article due to its powerful and unique mechanisms that help to build muscle and prevent muscle loss during catabolic states. Learn more about HMB here.

To read the full article grab the 2019 February issue of Muscular Development and turn to page 50.

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