CrossFit – The Battle of the Fittest

The inaugural 11th year of the CrossFit Games was held in Madison, Wisconsin from Wednesday, August 1st through Sunday, August 5th. The CrossFit Games displays an array of events from heavy lifting to biking to obstacle courses to marathons on a rower. Competitive athletes from around the world competed in 14 different events over a 5-day span to determine who is the fittest on earth.

Our myHMB athletes Jared Enderton and Sam Dancer both qualified to compete in the event. Jared qualified as an individual out of the South Regional and Sam qualified on Team Invictus X in the West Regional.

Rookie Debut

Photo from The CrossFit Games

As Jared’s rookie debut at the CrossFit Games, many were looking at him for his skills on the barbell events – having a background as a weightlifter and strongman competitor. He indeed shined on the barbell placing 5th on the CrossFit Total event and 2nd in the Clean and Jerk Speed Ladder event.

Team Domination

Photo from The CrossFit Games

Sam Dancer and Invictus X teammates were no rookies to the competition floor. They stayed consistent throughout the week with 9 top 10 finishes out of the 11 events. On Sunday, Invictus X held strong taking home a win on the last event Lunging Worm. When the dust settled, Invictus X was able to stand on the podium with a 2nd place finish overall.

We are very proud of the each of these athletes for their performance, poise, and perseverance throughout the games.

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