Results from a recent study showed that subjects supplementing with HMB saw significant changes in muscle injury and muscle recovery.

a soccer goalie blocking a soccer ball from going in the net

The Study Method & Training Protocol

A recent study examined 24 professional soccer players with an age range of 19-37 years old.  Subjects consumed 3 grams of HMB per day or placebo for 12 nights, distributed across three meals a day.  Each subject partook in a training protocol designed to model the movements of a soccer game.   The training protocol included a warm-up, stretching, running, and sprint intervals for 46 minutes.

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The Findings

The results of the study showed subject supplementing with HMB saw a significant change in the indicators of muscle injury and significantly better perceived recovery rate.  Subjects in the HMB group also saw a significant reduction in creatine kinase index (CK) and lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) index.  CK in the blood is an indirect marker for muscle damage and LDH is a marker of cell and tissue damage done in the body.  These findings suggest that athletes can use HMB supplementation before training and competitions to help accelerate recovery and improve performance.

To learn more please visit the article found in Nutritional Outlook or refer to the published study here.


How HMB Works to Improve Muscle Health

Watch the video below to learn the mechanisms of action behind HMB.





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