Research shows millions of older American women don’t consume enough protein and are likely ‘under-muscled’, and the Office on Women’s Health is sounding the alarm.

This NPR article calls readers’ attention to inescapable age-related muscle loss, explaining, “Muscle mass peaks in our 30s and then starts a long, slow decline.” That rate of decline typically starts increasing after age 60.

The NPR article references the Office on Women’s Health initiative, “Stronger with Sarcopenia.” This awareness campaign emphasizes the importance of muscle health for women’s ability to maintain function and mobility as they age. Campaign materials warn that loss of muscle mass could progress to “falls, muscle weakness, slow walking speed and difficulty doing everyday tasks.”


Ways to Combat Age-Related Muscle Loss

The campaign recommends increased protein intake and strength training as ways to help attenuate age-related muscle loss. Of course, exercise is an essential component. And protein is important because it plays an essential role in protein synthesis (building muscle). But protein synthesis is only part of the equation. The other side – the one not getting the industry attention it deserves – is attenuating muscle loss.


Supplement Interventions

myHMB® uniquely stimulates both protein synthesis and reduces muscle breakdown. NIH-funded research shows that adding HMB (as myHMB®) combined with Vitamin D3 to daily protein intake will improve muscle health in older adults, even without exercise. That same study also found that HMB plus Vitamin D3 helped people feel more energetic. So, they might be more inclined to exercise.

Improving muscle health involves making sure the muscle machinery is well balanced: the switches that build (anabolic) are on, and the switches that tear down (catabolic) are minimized. You want to go from net negative muscle loss to net neutral or net positive. myHMB® may play a positive role in achieving this balance.

The National Institutes of Health reports that 77% of women consume at least one dietary ingredient or supplement. Women’s health products containing TSI Group’s patented blend of myHMB®+D3 stand to make a huge quality of life difference for ‘under-muscled’ women in the U.S. and around the world.

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