Vitafoods Insights hosts a podcast on Healthy Ageing for All with Ajay Paul.

In this podcast Ajay Paul talks to 3 guests about how the healthy ageing category is changing and which ingredients are making an impact.

Young, active consumers are realizing the importance of their health. They care about the future and want to invest in that.  This shift can partly be attributed to the supplement industry widening its message to speak to the younger demographic.  This demographic mainly consists of 20-30 year olds.  With a broader demographic of active lifestyle consumers looking to purchase supplements, this opens many opportunities for ingredient companies to flourish.  Consumers want to see transparency, quality, and science based ingredients that promote a healthy lifestyle.

woman doing yoga on the rocks in front of the ocean

Muscle Health Category

While there are many supplement categories on the market that are well established like joint and bones, one that is untapped is the muscle health category.  Larry Kolb, President of TSI Group Ltd, references how we can compare this to a stool.  Muscles, joints, and bones make up the musculoskeletal system, along with cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and connective tissue.  All of these work together and cannot stand by themselves.  In essence, muscle health becomes the third leg to the stool.

Paying attention to your muscle health is vital to healthy ageing especially after the age of 40 when muscle loss starts to accelerate.  That’s why TSI Group Ltd has created the ingredient myHMB to help prevent and maintain muscle mass as we age.

Listen to the full podcast below.

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