As the consumer base of the active/sports nutrition market continues to grow so does the need for companies to provide innovative, science-backed products. A new article Taking Aim at the Healthy Active Nutrition Market takes a look at how this market is shifting.

Sports Nutrition today is much more than just building muscle.  It is about creating a nutrition plan that has purpose to help individuals stay active, healthy and take care of their bodies and minds.  Consumers are looking for products with ingredients that have clean labels, are scientific-based, and provide benefits for their healthy lifestyle.  This creates the perfect opportunity for sports nutrition companies to step-up their game.

President of TSI USA, Inc. Larry Kolb states, “Ingredients need to be clinically validated, and its beneficial effect meaningful to the individual consumer’s needs. While sports nutrition consumers are looking for new things to try, they like to educate themselves about the mechanism of action and the sports- specific benefits. They usually have a stack of go-to ingredients (protein, creatine, HMB,ATP),and depending on their individual goals, look for pre-workout products or additional help with recovery.”

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