As active nutrition consumers are getting back to the normal grind, supplement companies are facing challenges to provide quality products.

In the March issue of Nutritional Outlook the article The Tough Get Innovating, Judy Blatman interviews sports nutrition industry leaders to get the 411 on what’s to come.

With the pandemic the sports nutrition market has had to face many challenges. First, the unforeseen future of what the supplement industry might look like. And now, supply chain issues that are challenging companies to produce quality products at a decent price.

The sports nutrition category also continues to expand from bodybuilders and elite athletes to actively lifestyle consumers. With this change comes other trials. Supplement companies need to cater to a broader range of consumers. They need to create products that resonate with the active consumer who exercises at home, outdoors, or at a gym. There also needs to be more transparency with how the products are made and are science-based ingredient being used.

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Innovative Game On

Ingredient and supplement companies are stepping up their game to meet the demands of the active nutrition consumer. If there is one thing that goes a long way, it is being able to trust in the ingredients they’re taking. How can companies build trust in their ingredients and/or products? By showing the science and research behind them.

For TSI Group Ltd, innovation and research has always been at the forefront. TSI is excited for the new challenges that await and bringing new combinations and ingredients to the market.

Larry Kolb, President of TSI says that “protein is by far the largest individual ingredient in sports nutrition, and the rise of renewable plant proteins, which have compositional shortcomings in comparison to animal proteins, created an opportunity for TSI’s branded ingredient myHMB. Adding myHMB to soy protein, for example, has been shown to significantly increase the muscle-health benefits of this specific plant protein.”

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