When looking at dietary supplements for men one statement holds true “less is more”.

In the article Nutraceuticals for Men: Muscle Health and Performance Nutrition by Mike Montemarano he discusses with industry leaders what considerations are taken when creating products specifically for men.


Clinically Proven Ingredients

Men want simplicity and efficacy in their dietary supplements.  Overtime men have become more inquisitive with what they’re putting in their bodies and want products that hold value to support a healthy lifestyle.

“Research-backed ingredients that are delivered in a convenient format are what is important when it comes to looking at the men’s health category,” Larry Kolb, president of TSI Group said. “This growing category sees success with products that are focused on improving the quality of life rather than targeting very specific problems. Ever since the pandemic started, generally speaking, men have started paying more attention to what they put in their bodies. There is a new understanding of the importance of maintaining overall good health and immunity.”

Education around products and ingredients is becoming a top priority in the men’s health market.  Online consumers are taking more time to look at the science and evidence behind ingredients and have a much deeper understanding of how clinical research works.

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Muscle Health for Men

Through all stages of life, the performance nutrition category still seems to resound with male consumers.

Men still aspire to build strength and have energy to be capable of physically demanding activities.   Endurance sports and weekend warrior sports have also grown in popularity so needing fuel to perform is important.

“Often, men find themselves trying to make up for their sedentary lifestyle on the weekends and push themselves beyond the healthy levels, possibly creating unwanted damage. The importance of a healthy musculoskeletal system is apparent not only for the ‘damage control’ but as a prevention and overall part of a healthy body, regardless of age,” Kolb said.

“The truth is that the discussions on bone health and joint health really are not completed without adding muscle health to the mix,” he continued. “The need to have healthy bones and joints is well-established and understood by the market and consumers and total musculoskeletal health is clearly the next big health category. We at TSI see the need for healthy muscles to be addressed in the men’s health category more sustainably and proactively. Instead of focusing on muscle gains exclusively for performance, shifting the focus to the long-term benefits of building lean and functional muscle mass to ensure higher quality of life and healthier aging is where we believe consumer mindset is shifting. Our branded and patented ingredient myHMB is the most effective nutritional solution to increase, preserve, and support healthy muscle function.”

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