In a recent article on PricePlow, the authors do a supplement review on Undefined Nutrition’s Structure product, which highlights the ingredient myHMB.


Brian Shaw, 4x World’s Strongest Man, started the company Undefined Nutrition with one goal in mind – to help individuals redefine their limits and become their best.  He wanted to create a brand that not only exceeded his performance expectations, but one that he could be proud to call his own.

In his supplement line is the innovative product Structure.  Structure features a blend of creatine monohydrate, magnesium creatine chelates, PEAK ATP, and myHMB.


Why Formulate with myHMB?

MyHMB, scientifically known as beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate or HMB, is a metabolite of the amino acid leucine that is naturally produced by the body. It is known to promote muscle protein synthesis while decreasing muscle protein breakdown, which can aid in muscle growth and repair.

The article explains that calcium HMB has been studied extensively, with numerous clinical trials demonstrating its ability to improve muscle strength and function, particularly in individuals engaging in resistance training.

Please click here to read the deep dive by PricePlow on Undefined Nutrition’s Structure.

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