CrossFit Games Athlete Sam Dancer sits down with Metabolic Technologies COO Shawn Baier.

The Sam Dancer Podcast

Our team myHMB athlete Sam Dancer started a podcast this year because of his everlasting intrigue with health and wellness. Sam as he says is a ‘never-ending science experiment’ by persistently researching and tweaking his lifestyle to see how it impacts his performance and wellbeing.

Introducing Shawn Baier

In episode #13, Sam sits down with Shawn Baier to talk about the power of the muscle health ingredient HMB.

Shawn has a vast knowledge in the sports nutrition arena as a former collegiate athlete, strength and conditioning coach, and research scientist.

In this podcast, Shawn talks about his background in scientific research and how he transitioned into a different role within the sports nutrition industry. He discusses the power that nutrition plays in performance and overall health and how working with Metabolic Technologies has helped play a role in creating ingredients that do just that.

Tune in now to this podcast found on Spotify, click here.

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