Nutraceuticals World’s recent article Strength and Stamina in the Sports Nutrition Market, discusses the shift in sports supplement users from traditional, hardcore athletes and body builders to a broader range of consumers. Capsugel’s head of integrated marketing, described the sport nutrition market as, “quickly evolving into an active nutrition market.”

TSI USA Inc. President Larry Kolb is featured in the article, outlining three emerging consumer segments: “gracefully aging”, “actively tuned-in”, and “performance driven”. Mr. Kolb describes the “gracefully aging” segment as people 55 and older who want, “to avoid injury, [and] preserve mobility, while feeling youthful and staying active.”

“Actively tuned-in” consumers, “want to feel good, look good, and enjoy long-term health. The actively tuned-in consumer is serious about fitness and nutrition as a way to create the life they want.”

The third category is comprised of competitive “performance driven” consumers. Mr. Kolb says this group is, “looking to maximize their power, energy and performance to get an edge. They’re mostly men, ages 20 to 35. They’re looking for a competitive edge that allows them to train harder, more often, and with noticeably better results.”

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