Scientific evidence suggests strength is a critical factor in lifelong health and wellness.

For athletes; increasing strength, size and performance of muscles through training has always been essential.  But research is showing that maintaining muscle and strength as we age is also vital. 

The muscle health category has always skewed towards elite athletes, but now that sedentary lifestyles are more common the importance of maintaining muscle health for all ages is increasing.

Muscles Carry the Physical Demands of the Body

Our muscles play a vital role in our health at all stages of life.  Our muscles carry out so many duties from physical tasks to maintaining posture to breathing to temperature regulation.  Muscles conduct the work that keeps every other tissue and organ in our bodies healthy.

Unfortunately, muscle loss is a natural part of the aging process.  In order to shift the body in favor of muscle we have to produce more muscle proteins than our body breaks down.  This is where ingredients like myHMB® can help.

“We know that optimal muscle health is a balance of two processes: building and breaking down of protein in the muscle,” states Larry Kolb, President of TSI Group Ltd. “The protein we consume is used in this building process. If protein synthesis is greater, muscle size and function increase. However, if protein breakdown is greater, muscle size and function decrease. And when these are in balance, a healthy muscle mass is maintained. However, the signals that turn on synthesis or reduce breakdown are not always in balance […] HMB is unique because it acts on both sides of this muscle protein equation. On one side, HMB helps activate the key machinery responsible for protein synthesis in the muscle. On the other, HMB decreases the major pathways for protein breakdown.”

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