Run. Thrive. Play. Enhance your pet's vitality with HMB.

We all love our pets. In fact, 95% of U.S. consumers consider their pets to be family members, according to Nielson data. We’re investing more than ever in the health and wellbeing of our furry family members.

However, just like people, age related muscle loss is a major and inevitable health problem facing our companions! In fact, mobility and strength are two of the most critical health concerns for all pet owners and loss of muscle is the primary cause of loss of strength, mobility and stability. Furthermore, age related muscle loss is associated with increased morbidity and mortality in cats and dogs.

Since pets age more quickly than people do, it’s important to ensure they receive the proper nutrition and exercise much earlier in life.

So what is the proven solution for prevention of muscle loss? HMB.

Thankfully, what has been scientifically proven to help humans has also been proven to help our companion animals! HMB has been used for over two decades to help people improve their quality of life by maintaining muscle health that is otherwise impacted negatively by the aging process. Like people, maintaining muscle mass also improves pets’ quality of life and can positively impact lifespan by keeping them healthy and mobile in their later years.

How does HMB help support muscle in animals?

Working through similar mechanisms of action, HMB has been shown to exert similar benefits on muscle in animals as observed in the numerous studies published in humans. Therefore, supplementing with HMB can improve mobility, strength, stability and overall quality of life for humans and our companions alike.

How HMB Works

Studies in Sports Nutrition (human) have shown:

  • HMB increases muscle mass and strength in subjects who exercise, by attenuating exercise induced muscle damage and by enhancing muscle hypertrophy and strength
  • HMB improves key indicators of aerobic performance

Studies in Older Adults (human) have shown:

  • HMB attenuates the process of muscle loss in elderly subjects
  • Optimal effects of HMB on muscle mass and strength occur when it’s combined with exercise
  • HMB maintains/restores muscle mass

HMB has been studied extensively in people but has also show positive benefits in performance animals:

  • HMB attenuates exercise-induced muscle damage from intense performance (greyhound racing and Iditarod sled dogs) similar to humans
  • Increases indicators of aerobic metabolism (quarter horses and thoroughbreds) similar to humans

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