The Ideal
Performance Stack

Besides protein, creatine ranks as one of the most extensively researched and efficacious supplements for athletes. Creatine facilitates heightened training intensity by furnishing increased energy during workouts. Nevertheless, this heightened intensity often results in elevated muscle damage. HMB, however, has demonstrated its ability to diminish muscle breakdown, thereby expediting recovery post-exercise. By reducing muscle breakdown, HMB enables more frequent training sessions, thereby amplifying training adaptations such as strength and lean body mass. The combination of creatine and HMB accelerates progress towards fitness goals, making this the ideal performance stack. Observing accelerated results serves as a potent motivator, driving individuals to strive for their next personal best.


Synergistic Effect on
Lean Muscle Mass

A three-week study examined whether creatine and HMB have similar or different effects on increasing lean body mass and strength in individuals undergoing resistance exercise training. Results showed that all groups experienced gains in lean body mass, with the creatine and creatine/HMB groups showing significant increases compared to the placebo group. The findings also suggest that creatine and HMB have additive effects on lean body mass and strength, potentially acting through different mechanisms.

Jówko et al., 2001

Additive Benefits
in Strength Gains

A double-blind study spanning three weeks involved 40 subjects who underwent resistance-exercise training while supplementing with creatine and HMB. The findings indicated that both creatine and HMB led to cumulative increases in strength compared to the placebo group, with their effects being additive. Furthermore, the results suggest that creatine and HMB operate through distinct mechanisms.

Jówko et al., 2001

Synergistic Increase
in Power Generation

A 10-week investigation analyzed the impact of combining creatine and HMB supplementation on sports performance in 28 elite male traditional rowers, assessed through an incremental test to exhaustion. In this double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, it was noted that by week 8, the group receiving creatine and HMB exhibited significantly greater aerobic power compared to other groups. The combined supplementation of creatine and HMB over the 10-week period displayed a synergistic effect on aerobic power, as measured by anaerobic threshold during an incremental rowing test.

Fernández-Landa et al., 2020

May Provide Protection
Against Overtraining

In a double-blind, 10-week study, researchers investigated the effects of supplementing with Creatine and HMB on exercise-induced muscle damage and anabolic/catabolic hormone levels. The findings revealed that the group receiving Creatine plus HMB did not exhibit a decrease in the testosterone: cortisol ratio, indicating that this combination might offer enhanced protection against overtraining.

Fernández-Landa et al., 2020

Creatine Plus HMB
Have Synergistic Effects

Synergistic refers to the interaction of two or more components or factors producing an effect greater than the sum of their individual effects. In other words, when combined, these elements work together to enhance or amplify their impact. Multiple studies investigating the supplementation of Creatine plus HMB demonstrated synergistic advantages.

Jówko et al., 2001; Fernández-Landa et al., 2020

The Key Mechanisms


Supplementing with creatine leads to a 10–40% rise in muscle creatine and phosphocreatine levels. This increase in phosphocreatine facilitates a faster replenishment of ATP during and after high-intensity, short-duration exercise.



Muscle mass undergoes constant change, with new muscle being built alongside the breakdown process. Overall muscle mass is determined by the balance between muscle protein synthesis and muscle protein breakdown. HMB operates uniquely by enhancing muscle protein synthesis through the mTOR pathway, while also inhibiting protein degradation via the proteasome pathway. This dual action of HMB aids in minimizing muscle damage, fostering muscle recovery and building and maintaining muscle mass and strength.


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