human leg showing how HMB increases protein synthesis and decreases protein breakdown








  • Health & Wellness Coach and Fit Mom Jada Kelly
    Jada Kelly
    Fit Mom & Wellness Coach

    “With work and kids, I try to be as efficient as possible. When I train, HMB helps me do this! Every minute I have is NOT going to waste because HMB is helping with muscle retention and recovery. I’ve found HMB helps me be the strong, vibrant, mom and woman I want to be.”

  • Masters Bodybuilder Tim Nassen
    Tim Nassen
    Retired P.E. Professional, Health & Fitness Specialist

    “HMB has helped me to protect more muscle tissue through the aging process. This in return has helped me lead a more active and rewarding lifestyle!! It is a product I will continue to use for the rest of my life!!”

  • Recovery Patient Sonja Todd
    Sonja Todd
    CPA & CGMA

    “After colon cancer in 2010, breast cancer in 2014, multiple surgeries and months of chemo, I was exhausted. I tried HMB in 2016 and was amazed how quickly I gained strength! I would like to say “thank you” to the makers of HMB for helping improve my general health, energy, and hopes for the future.”

  • team myhmb and CrossFit games athlete Sam Dancer
    Sam Dancer
    Health & Fitness Coach

    “Within weeks of taking HMB I had set multiple personal records in my Olympic lifts, over-head squat, front and back squat. I tell everyone that is in the quest for health, wellness, and better performance if you want to be a recovery monster you need to take HMB.”

Dosing and Delivery Timing

myHMBCalcium HMBとも言います)の推奨用量は、平均的な体格の人で1日に3グラムです。より正確な1日の最適用量は体重1 kg当たりCaHMB 38 mg、または体重1ポンド当たりCaHMB 17 mgです(簡易用量スケールについてはチャートを参照してください。Strength and Muscle Building: 2000:Gallagher1日の用量を2回か3回に等分して、1日のうちに摂取してください。 


Recommended Dosage of myHMB

140 ポンド
2,500 ミリグラム or 2.5 グラム
170 ポンド
3,000 ミリグラム or 3.0 グラム
200 ポンド
3,500 ミリグラム or 3.5 グラム
230 ポンド
4,000 ミリグラム or 4.0 グラム
260 ポンド
4,500 ミリグラム or 4.5 グラム
290 ポンド
5,000 ミリグラム or 5.0 グラム
( 各30ポンド増分)
500 ミリグラム or 0.5 グラム





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