The Evolution of Sarcopenia: Could muscle health be the most important determinant for healthy ageing?

As the global population continues to rapidly age, we continue to make advancements that are allowing people to live longer than ever before. John Burstow discusses the risk of developing age-related diseases and conditions due to longer life spans and how muscle health could play a vital role to help combat this.

An Appetite for Health: Americans Over 50 Strive for Heart and Muscle Health

More than two-thirds of older adults are managing more than one chronic disease. This article reviews a new study, conducted by the International Food Information Council and supported by Abbott, which found that heart and muscle health were the top two health topics that adults over 50 years old are paying attention to.

Dietary Supplements for Health, Adaptation, and Recovery in Athletes

In this review authors look at several dietary supplements and how they could potentially support improvements in health, exercise adaptation, and/or recovery.


Prevalence of sarcopenia in the world: a systematic review and meta- analysis of general population studies

A review and meta-analysis was conducted to estimate the prevalence of sacropenia in aging adults in different regions around the world.

The incidence of sarcopenia among hospitalized older patients: results from the Glisten study

New research is emerging on the importance of lean body mass during illness and recovery. Sacropenia has become relatively common in aging adults during hospital stays and is associated with nutritional status and the number of days of bed rest.

Preserving Healthy Muscle during Weight Loss

Weight loss is important to help resolve metabolic risks like diabetes, coronary artery disease, and obesity-associated cancers, but can also increase the risk of sarcopenia (low muscle mass and impaired muscle function) if not done properly.