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Recovering from injury, illness or surgery can be a long road. It can be a frustrating process, where setbacks and slow progress, soreness, fatigue or re-injury can derail recovery. As the body tries to balance between rest and repair, things like inactivity-related muscle atrophy and loss of strength can damper the ability to recover fully.

Thankfully, muscle health solutions from myHMB can help keep the recovery process on track by reducing inactivity-related muscle loss, and supporting muscle mass and strength during recovery to help the body bounce back. MyHMB is now part of the sustainable recovery solution — helping you staying healthy for the long run.

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    Sonja Todd
    Recovery Patient

    “After colon cancer in 2010, breast cancer in 2014, multiple surgeries and months of chemo, I was exhausted. I tried myHMB in 2016 and was amazed how quickly I gained strength! I would like to say “thank you” to the makers of myHMB for helping improve my general health, energy, and hopes for the future.”

In healthy older adults, HMB supplementation preserves muscle mass during 10 days of bed rest.

In a randomized study, older men and women (average age ~67 years) were given either HMB or placebo treatments during 10 days of bed rest. While the placebo group lost lean body mass due to this period of inactivity, the HMB group maintained lean body mass. In conclusion, during at least a 10-day period of inactivity, HMB preserves lean body mass in healthy older adults.

Deutz et al., 2013

Supplementation with HMB alone may improve nitrogen balance in critically injured adult patients.

This placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical study of HMB in critically injured patients suggests that HMB can improve nitrogen balance in severely injured trauma patients, which helps prevent muscle loss.

Kuhls et al., 2007

HMB, combined with arginine and glutamine, is shown to improve body composition for cancer patients.

In this multi-center study, a combination of HMB, arginine, and glutamine was shown to improve body composition (increased lean body mass) in cancer patients through targeting nutrition to increase protein synthesis and decrease protein degradation.

May et al., 2002

Effect of HMB on muscle protein synthesis during prolonged bedrest.

The trend for increased strength maintenance with HMB was not due to a change in muscle protein synthesis or whole-body protein turnover during periods of bed rest.

Zachwieja et al., 1999

The effect of HMB on lean body mass and muscle strength during prolonged bedrest.

Three grams of HMB per day tended to decrease the strength loss associated with extended periods of bed rest.

Rathmacher et al., 1999

How HMB Works

myHMB helps those in need of clinical nutrition and recovery:

  • Protect muscle during and improve muscle recovery after periods of inactivity (Deutz et al., 2013)
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