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Whether it’s bodybuilding or cross training, ultra-marathons or other professional sports—training for competition is hard on your muscles. Injuries, fatigue, slow recovery, and overtraining can cause setbacks that prevent you from performing your best, or even being able to compete. With myHMB’s proven muscle health benefits, performance-driven competitors can get the edge they need to compete at a higher level. How? Athletes can train harder, experience less fatigue and recover more quickly after workouts. This can lead to significant increases in strength, power, and endurance to stay ahead of the competition.

  • TJ Tollakson
    Professional triathlete/president & CEO of Rüster Sports

  • CrossFit Games Athlete Sam Dancer
    Sam Dancer
    CrossFit Games Athlete

    “Within weeks of taking myHMB I had set multiple personal records in my Olympic lifts, over-head squat, front and back squat. I tell everyone that is in the quest for health, wellness, and better performance if you want to be a recovery monster you need to take myHMB.”

  • Erin Stern
    2x Ms. Figure Olympia

  • World famous powerlifter Priscilla Ribic pulling a successful deadlift of 530 lbs.
    Priscilla Ribic
    Hall of Fame Powerlifter

    “I feel lucky to have been introduced to myHMB! As a drug-free athlete, it is important to have a supplement you can trust. MyHMB helps in the endurance and recovery desperately needed for training at the highest level.”

Increase Anaerobic Capacity with HMB

Sprinting, strength training, and jumping sports—they all rely on anaerobic metabolism to create the power these high-intensity activities require. Anaerobic capacity determines how well the body can perform short-interval maximal work. In a study using the Wingate Anaerobic Test of peak power (one of the most well-known fitness tests), supplementation with HMB resulted in a 54% increase in anaerobic power over training alone.

Wilson, et al. 2014

HMB Improves Recovery by Reducing Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage

With HMB, athletes can reduce muscle protein breakdown and muscle damage during hard training or strenuous activity, resulting in a quicker recovery and improved results from training. A study by Wilson et al. (2014) showed reduced muscle damage in rigorously trained athletes, both during intense training and an overreaching phase in which training frequency and intensity was increased. The study also showed that participants who supplemented with HMB felt significantly more ready to train in the next session than those taking a placebo and had less muscle damage as indicated by less creatine phosphokinase in the blood (CPK is an enzyme that leaks from damaged muscle). With HMB, athletes can train harder and bounce back faster for another workout.

Knitter et al., 2000; Jówko et al., 2001; Wilson et al., 2013, 2014

HMB Improves Performance and Body Composition Response to Exercise

Studies have shown that supplementing with HMB improves body composition by both increasing lean muscle gains and boosting body fat loss. In a 12-week study, participants supplementing with HMB during strength training saw a 250% increase in lean mass gain compared to placebo-supplemented participants. They not only gained more lean muscle, but they also lost 210% more body fat than those on the placebo treatment.

Wilson et al., 2014

HMB Reduces Muscle Soreness

“No pain, no gain.” We all know hard training goes hand-in-hand with muscle soreness after intense activity. But HMB helps minimize muscle soreness by reducing muscle protein breakdown and improving muscle recovery. Trained athletes significantly improved their readiness for the next training session when starting an intense exercise program, or increasing training intensity (overreaching), as indicated by the Perceived Readiness Status (PRS) score. PRS is used to indicate fatigue and predicts improvements in the next training session. With HMB, athletes can protect themselves from exercise-induced muscle damage, reduce muscle soreness, and come back ready to train or compete again more quickly.

Wilson et al., 2013, 2014

HMB Improves Endurance

HMB can help performance-driven athletes and competitors train harder and longer. Studies show that HMB can boost aerobic performance by increasing maximal oxygen consumption (VO2max) and improving the respiratory compensation point (RCP). Research also suggests that HMB may reduce metabolic acidosis, helping athletes endure high-intensity activity for a longer period of time.

Lamboley, 2007; Vukovich and Dreifort, 2001

HMB Improves Endurance

MyHMB helps performance-driven athletes and competitors to:

Female and male athletes performing deadlifts at a CrossFit gym

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