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MyHMB aims to inspire individuals to act. To get outside or to hit the gym, try a new recipe and step outside of your comfort zone. Through exercise, nutrition and education, we encourage taking steps toward positive health changes, to live fully and actively.

There are over 600 muscles in the human body and these muscles are responsible for all movement and support of daily living activities. Muscle is critical for our overall health and well-being.

Muscle mass peaks by about age 30, after which we normally start to lose muscle mass as we age. Muscle loss averages 0.8% per year during our 40s (about 8% per decade) and accelerates in our 70s to 1.5% per year (or 15% per decade). This translates to a loss of strength, lower energy and slower recovery after physical training or injury. It can mean more frequent injuries and even loss of physical ability and independence. At every stage of life and every level of activity, poor muscle health slows us down. Bottom line, it is vital to do all we can with nutrition and exercise to keep our healthy muscle mass and strength as we age.

That’s why we created myHMB — a family of ingredients and combinations clinically shown to improve muscle health. When muscle health improves, life can be lived to the fullest.

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Who benefits from HMB?


Performance Driven

For the motivated athlete looking to get an edge in power and performance.


Active Lifestyles

For those who want to feel good, look good, and make exercise and nutrition their way of life.


Clinical Nutrition and Recovery

For those who want to improve recovery after illness or injury and improve overall health.


Healthy Aging

For aging adults who want to stay active, avoid injury, and maintain mobility and physical independence.

myHMB® Muscle Health Ingredients and Combinations


myHMB is an innovative muscle health solution benefiting people of all ages and activity levels—from those recovering from illness or injury to the competitive athlete to the elderly keeping up with their grandkids.

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myHMB® Clear

myHMB Clear is the pure, free acid form of HMB. This fast acting delivery form offers greater bioavailability and absorption to maximize muscle health benefits for all ages and activity levels.

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myHMB® Clear + ATP

myHMB Clear + ATP is another synergistic combination created specifically to maximize the results of intense training by increasing gains in lean body mass, muscle mass, strength, and power.

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myHMB® + Vitamin D

myHMB + Vitamin D is a synergistic combination of muscle health-boosting ingredients, designed to optimize the impact of HMB on muscle strength and function for all ages and activity levels.

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myHMB® Insights: The Latest in Health & Fitness

  • Health & Wellness Coach and Fit Mom Jada Kelly
    Jada Kelly
    Fit Mom & Wellness Coach

    “With work and kids, I try to be as efficient as possible. When I train, myHMB helps me do this! Every minute I have is NOT going to waste because myHMB is helping with muscle retention and recovery. I’ve found myHMB helps me be the strong, vibrant, mom and woman I want to be.”

  • TJ Tollakson
    Professional Triathlete

  • Tim Nassen
    Retired P.E. Professional, Health & Fitness Specialist

  • Erin Stern
    2X Ms. Figure Olympia