GREAT NEWS. A recently published study has shown that myHMB and Vitamin D3 improved muscle function in older adults, even without exercise. This study was published in The Journals of Gerontology and funded by the National Institutes of Health. Learn more about these findings.


Let your muscles reach their full potential.


It’s well known that myHMB can help build lean muscle mass, increase strength and improve muscle recovery. Recently, it has been shown that another nutrient, Vitamin D, is also essential for helping muscles to reach their full functional potential. When combined with HMB, Vitamin D optimizes the effectiveness of HMB.

This patented combination delivers two powerful muscle health ingredients clinically proven to each provide benefits to muscle health. But when put together, they create a powerful and synergistic effect. Created specifically to help achieve optimal muscle health, it can help women and men, athletes, weekend warriors, and active aging adults stay healthier, longer. These benefits to all major muscle groups can even be achieved without increased physical activity according to recent research.


With myHMB + Vitamin D, people of all ages and activity levels can:

  • Improve muscle mass and muscle function
  • Improve muscle strength and mobility
  • Decrease muscle protein breakdown
  • Increase muscle protein synthesis
  • Strengthen bones to withstand activity, exercise, or strength training

Studies show that myHMB + Vitamin D can:

Improve muscle




  • Hall of Fame Powerlifter Brad Gillingham

    Brad Gillingham
    Strength & Conditioning Coach / Hall of Fame Powerlifter

    "As a Drug Free Athlete my training style continually challenges my ability to recover for the next training session. I have found that myHMB + Vitamin D not only helps with my energy level throughout my workouts, but helps with my recovery and decreases delayed onset muscle soreness."

  • Powerlifter Bryan Dermody

    Bryan Dermody

    "After taking myHMB + Vitamin D I noticed a dramatic decrease in the delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) from training. MyHMB + Vitamin D can be the factor that pushes you to a level you have not been able to reach thus far."

Dosing and Delivery Timing

Decades of research have shown that the ideal dosage of HMB is 3 grams daily. Additionally, supplementation of Vitamin D3 at a minimum of 500 IU each day is the required amount to maintain blood levels in the optimal range for healthy muscles.

The recommended dosage for myHMB + Vitamin D is our proprietary blend of 1.5 grams of myHMB (also known as CaHMB) with 500 IU of Vitamin D3, consumed once or twice per day.

1,500 Milligrams
myHMB + Vitamin D

pill and scooper

1x or 2x Daily

Science and Clinical Research

MyHMB and Vitamin D have been shown to act synergistically to promote muscle health, aid in muscle repair, improve lean muscle mass gains, and increase muscle function. Without adequate Vitamin D3 in your system, HMB cannot optimize its results, which makes the myHMB + Vitamin D combination a powerful tool for optimal muscle health and function.

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