Flex Your Ability to Fight Age-Related Muscle Loss

From the time we enter this world until somewhere in our late twenties to early thirties, our muscles grow larger and stronger. Then, without warning, we begin to slowly lose muscle mass and function.

Like it or not, age-related muscle loss and decreasing ability to function at peak performance happens to everyone.

Physically inactive people can lose as much as 3% to 5% of their muscle mass for every ten years past the age of 40. Even physically active people can still experience at least some level of muscle loss.

Symptoms of age-related muscle loss can include weakness and loss of stamina – which can combine to have a negative effect on physical activity, which can reduce muscle strength even more, which … well, you get the not-so-pretty picture.

If you’re exhausted just learning about this phenomenon, we have good news.

Muscles, meet myHMB®

Just because muscle mass can be lost, it doesn’t have to disappear forever. A healthy lifestyle which includes regular exercise and a nutritious diet can be highly effective in promoting healthy aging and maintained muscle mass, strength and mobility.

Along with this lifestyle, growing numbers of active, physically independent older adults are discovering the many benefits of including myHMB® into their daily health routine. MyHMB is a dietary supplement that increases the amount of HMB in our bodies. Derived from the essential amino-acid leucine, our bodies only convert a paltry 5% of leucine that we consume into HMB and can’t create or synthesize additional amounts.

This is important to understand because, among other things, adequate HMB helps to improve muscle health by boosting muscle protein synthesis and helping to prevent muscle protein breakdown. In other words, your body is better equipped to build and maintain muscle mass at any age.

Put More Shine in Your Golden Years

Officially, muscle-related benefits that can be enhanced by myHMB® include:

  • Lean Muscle Retention
  • Improved Post-Exercise, -Injury or -Illness Muscle Recovery
  • Improved Mobility
  • Improved Strength and Stability
  • Retained Physical Independence.

Unofficially, benefits of including myHMB® in your daily health routine can include:

  • More impressive tennis ball throws with your dog
  • Quicker recovery from grandkid piggy back rides
  • Fewer mulligans on the back nine
  • Longer gardening sessions and more!


  • Tim Nassen
    Retired P.E. Professional, Health & Fitness Specialist

  • Strongman athlete Eric Todd posing with tire implement
    Eric Todd
    Fit Dad & Strength Athlete

    “Being strong has been a priority of mine since a very young age. Things come and go in life, but strength of mind and body has always been there. No doubt the strength of mind will remain, and I will count on the help of myHMB to help me keep my body strong as long as I possibly can.”

  • Older woman standing by a sailboat
    Kathy Settevendemie
    Retired Business Owner, Sailor

    "I started taking myHMB when I felt I was losing muscle mass & strength after closing my nursery business and was no longer doing strenuous daily work. I feel a continuous degree of muscular strengthening and feel stronger than ever, even though I turn 65 this year. It’s amazing to me!"

Reduces Fatigue

Because myHMB reduces muscle protein breakdown and increases muscle protein synthesis, supplementing with myHMB has been shown to improve muscle strength. For older adults, this improved strength means they can stay active for a longer time with less fatigue.

Wilkinson et al., 2017Wilkinson et al., 2013; Stout et al., 2013; Berton et al.; 2015

Improves Functions of Daily Living in Aging Adults

Many studies and a recent meta-analysis have shown the positive effects of myHMB in muscle mass and strength, mobility, and overall muscle function for aging adults. Studies have shown that supplementing with myHMB can lead to significant increases in leg and hand-grip strength, as well as improvements in body composition, mobility, and the aptly named “get-up-and-go” measurement (a timed test of one’s ability to stand from a seated position, walk a determined distance, and return). Because myHMB helps maintain and build muscle mass, while building strength, its effects on overall quality of life are unmistakable.

Flakoll et al., 2004; Stout et al., 2013; Wu et al., 2015

Increases Lean/Fat-Free Body Mass in Aging Adults

Several studies have shown that supplementing with myHMB can help older adults increase lean body mass. In one trial, men and women between the ages of 60 and 76 were put on 10 days of bed rest, supplemented either with myHMB or a placebo. While the placebo group lost lean body mass during this period of inactivity, the myHMB group maintained their lean body mass. In a separate study, participants supplementing with myHMB over the course of a year significantly increased lean body mass and the muscle protein turnover rate compared to placebo-supplemented participants.

Deutz et al., 2013; Baier et al., 2009

Improves Mobility

A major contributing factor to the loss of mobility in aging adults is the gradual and continuous loss of lean body mass. But studies have shown that supplementing with myHMB reduces muscle loss by reducing muscle protein breakdown and increasing muscle protein synthesis. This improvement in the muscle turnover rate helps preserve lean muscle mass, build strength, and increase mobility. One 12-week study with elderly women supplementing with either myHMB or a placebo showed a 17% improvement in the “get-up-and-go” functionality test and a 20% increase in whole-body protein synthesis.

Baier et al., 2009; Flakoll et al., 2004

Increases Muscle Strength and Quality

A 24-week trial studied men over age 65 in two groups: one with myHMB supplementation versus placebo, the other looking at myHMB supplementation combined with resistance exercise versus resistance exercise alone. In both groups, myHMB supplementation was shown to improve muscle quality, strength, and mobility. In the resistance-exercise group, the study showed even greater gains in muscle quality and strength, lean mass, and mobility. The researchers concluded that myHMB, especially when combined with resistance exercise, is an effective way to improve all aspects of body composition and functionality for older adults.

Stout et al., 2013

How It Works

MyHMB helps those looking to stay healthy as they age to:

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