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Sarcopenia among hospitalized patients – A cross-sectional study

A cross-sectional study was conducted to collect data on the prevalence of sarcopenia among hospitalized adult patients. The authors concluded that sacropenia is frequent among hospitalized patients and a considerable portion of them were aged under ≥65 years and in non-undernourished, namely among overweight and obese.

HMB: The Newest Muscle Builder?

In numerous studies, HMB has been shown to aid in lean mass gains and improve strength in a variety of individuals: trained, untrained, male, female, old, and young.

Mitochondria, Muscle Health, and Exercise with Advancing Age

Muscle health is dependent on the optimal function of its mitochondria. Reduced physical activity along with aging causes declines in mitochondrial function. Exercise is an important strategy to stimulate mitochondrial function to help aging individuals improve muscle function and quality of life.