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Prevalence of sarcopenia in the world: a systematic review and meta- analysis of general population studies

A review and meta-analysis was conducted to estimate the prevalence of sacropenia in aging adults in different regions around the world.

The incidence of sarcopenia among hospitalized older patients: results from the Glisten study

New research is emerging on the importance of lean body mass during illness and recovery. Sacropenia has become relatively common in aging adults during hospital stays and is associated with nutritional status and the number of days of bed rest.

Preserving Healthy Muscle during Weight Loss

Weight loss is important to help resolve metabolic risks like diabetes, coronary artery disease, and obesity-associated cancers, but can also increase the risk of sarcopenia (low muscle mass and impaired muscle function) if not done properly.

Midlife muscle maintenance: the nutritional secret to building muscle in your 40s and beyond

Healthy muscles are key to allow us to move freely throughout our busy lives. Protein supports growth and repair of muscle for both athletes and non-athletes at different stages in life.

6 Habits That Are Making You Lose Muscle, Not Fat

When attempting to lose body fat, many people actually lose muscle mass. There are many theories to burn fat while minimizing muscle loss.

Vitamin D – Why It’s Essential For Muscle Health!

Research has shown that Vitamin D is a vital nutrient for neuromuscular function, immune and bone health.

Healthy Muscles Matter

The human has more than 600 muscles in the body. These muscles allow you to move, lift objects, pump blood through your body, and even contribute to your breathing. Healthy muscles are important for allowing you to move freely, keep your body strong, and prevent injuries.