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MyHMB can also plays a key role in your muscle health.  Scroll down to learn the benefits of supplementing with myHMB.

  • Erin Stern
    2x Ms. Figure Olympia

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    WBFF Pro & Fit Mom

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    Jada Kelly
    Fit Mom & Wellness Coach

    “With work and kids, I try to be as efficient as possible. When I train, myHMB helps me do this! Every minute I have is NOT going to waste because myHMB is helping with muscle retention and recovery. I’ve found myHMB helps me be the strong, vibrant, mom and woman I want to be.”

Decreases Body Fat

Studies have shown that supplementing with myHMB, combined with exercise such as resistance training, can help active adults lose body fat and gain lean muscle. In a 12-week study, participants supplementing with myHMB during strength training lost 210% more body fat compared to placebo-supplemented participants. They not only lost more body fat, but they also saw lean muscle gains 250% greater than lean mass gains for those on placebo.

Wilson et al., 2014

Improves Endurance Capacity

Studies show that myHMB improves aerobic performance in average, everyday athletes. MyHMB is shown to increase maximal oxygen consumption (VO2max) and improve the respiratory compensation point (RCP). It appears that myHMB may reduce metabolic acidosis, and the research also shows that it helps athletes tolerate high-intensity activity over a long period of time. Additional research shows that myHMB lengthens the time to the onset of blood lactate accumulation (OBLA), resulting in positive effects on endurance performance.

Lamboley et al., 2007; Vukovich and Dreifort, 2001

Improves Body Composition During and After Calorie-Restricted Diets

Calorie restriction to reduce overall body weight can result in an unwanted loss of muscle mass. But supplementing with myHMB has been shown to prevent the loss of muscle mass during a calorie-restricted diet. Using an animal model to simulate the effects of caloric restriction, a study compared caloric restriction alone in combination with training or training plus myHMB. MyHMB prevented the loss of muscle mass and lessened the loss of grip strength with caloric restriction.

Park et al., 2013

Increases Strength When Combined with Exercise

Strength gains are maximized with the use of myHMB. A meta-analysis of resistance-exercise training studies shows that myHMB supplementation results in increased strength gain. The studies showed increases for trained and untrained, young and elderly, and men and women. While the magnitude of the effect varies with training intensity and population studied, the overall effect was clear — myHMB significantly increases strength gains when supplemented during resistance-exercise training.

Nissen & Sharp, 2003

Shortens Muscle Recovery Time Following a Marathon Run

MyHMB is shown to benefit anyone involved in strenuous activity by minimizing muscle damage, which improves recovery after a workout.

Studies have shown that myHMB minimizes muscle damage during hard exercise by minimizing protein breakdown. Less protein breakdown means improved muscle cell stability and less membrane damage. This reduction in muscle cell damage (leakage) has been measured by a reduction of muscle damage markers such as creatine phosphokinase (CPK) in the blood stream. From the serious athlete to the conscientious fitness enthusiast, myHMB can help preserve healthy muscle and shorten recovery time between rigorous activity.

Nissen et al., 1996; Knitter et al., 2000

How It Works

MyHMB helps those leading active lifestyles to:

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