Can you believe we are already over one month into the New Year? Wow! I don’t know about you, but this month really flew by for me. The crazy Pittsburgh weather hasn’t helped at all to stabilize my mood. It was both 6 degrees and 60 degrees all in one week. But we must be stronger than those outside factors if we want to achieve our goals.

Speaking of goals, how is everyone doing on their fitness path? New Year’s resolutions still going strong? Or do you need a restart already? I like resolutions because I truly believe in goal setting. However, a big overhaul starting on January 1 is a recipe for disaster if you ask me. My absolute best advice for making a lifestyle change is to make one small change at a time. Yes, just one tiny change at a time. That way you can adapt it as everyday practice in your new fit lifestyle. Trying to rearrange your entire life in one day would certainly be overwhelming.

When someone asks me where to start, I usually suggest increasing water intake. It is so simple, requires almost no time commitment and doesn’t involve any other changes. Just drink more water. Set a reminder on your phone throughout the day, or drink some water at the top of every hour. I could go on and on about the benefits of water and hydration but that is a blog in and of itself.

Some other small change examples would be:

  • Wake up and do 5 minutes of “moving”. This doesn’t have to be a specific exercise routine. It could be as simple and walking up and down the stairs or doing some air boxing.
  • Replace one meal or snack with something more nutritious. Love chicken tenders? Switch to grilled chicken. You just saved hundreds of calories with one small change.

Just remember there is no quick fix. And with the highs of an overhaul usually come the lows of the crash. Make one small change at a time and you will learn to change your lifestyle forever. One thing not to change – proper supplementation along with your nutritious eating and active lifestyle. I begin each day with PEAK ATP and take myHMB three times daily. No matter if you have been achieving your goals or maybe are going to start again today, keep going. Make each day a great day!

team myhmb and fit mom Danyelle Mastarone

Danyelle Mastarone

Danyelle Mastarone started as a group fitness instructor and then was encouraged by a friend to try out a figure competition.  After taking home the gold at her first competition she was hooked.  Now as a mom, being healthy and fit is always a priority and a passion.


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