What’s the best way to get better at footwork?

The best way to get better at footwork is very simply – practice. Good old fashion shadowboxing in a mirror works best. This way, you can see where your feet are when you feel off-balance and are not in a good fighting position.

The main problem people have when they are off-balance, is going into too wide of a stance. Using a light rope or shoe laces tied to both ankles (tied to shoulder your width stance) can help in correcting going too wide when you are boxing and practicing your footwork. Having a good coach that corrects you when you are off-balance will also help correct your footwork and keep you in a proper fighting stance.

Pro Boxer Mike Kurzeja winning his fight

Mike Kurzeja

Mike Kurzeja - in the boxing ring known as Kujo - began his boxing career in 1990 when interning at the Gary Police Department.  Mike received his Super-Middleweight Pro Boxer status after winning the Supercop Boxing Championships three times.

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