An open label study was conducted in 80 women over 65 years of age. The women were randomized to receive either a protein drink containing 1.5 g of calcium HMB or no treatment (comparator group), and all participants attended a twice-weekly mild fitness program during the 8-week study. Thirty-two women in the supplemented group and 33 women in the comparator group completed the study. While no difference in the primary outcome was seen between the two groups (Short Physical Performance Battery), supplementation with the protein drink containing HMB did significantly improve several other outcomes. Leg strength, handgrip endurance, and muscle density were significantly improved in the HMB-supplemented group compared with the comparator group. The HMB-supplemented group also had an improved 6-minute walking test score at the end of the 8-week study. The authors concluded that the nutritional supplement containing HMB benefits fit elderly people in that HMB may delay or prevent age-related declines in some physical performance parameters.


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