Life gets the best of all of us as times! Who hasn’t gotten out of their fitness groove a time or two? I have definitely fallen off the diet and workout wagon more times than I would like to admit. The key to getting out of your rut is to practice patience, positivity, and set small goals with rewards for each one. Not necessarily food awards, but small things, like a new pair of gym pants or a shirt!

Be patient

Of all the above, patience is the most challenging. Keeping yourself motivated in the beginning is difficult because you want to see fast results. Remember, that slowly getting back into a regimen will be better for you in the end. Going “all in” right away could lead to injury and burn out. Tell yourself upfront that you will not see results for at least a few weeks so just try to have some fun with it.

Be positive

Having a positive mindset is necessary when it comes to new routines and finding your way back to a fit lifestyle. Think positive, read positive affirmations, and surround yourself with supportive and positive people. I have come to find that your mind is a powerful tool when it comes to your overall energy levels and believing that you have the ability to accomplish goals. I can definitely attest that the days I have spent in a negative state of mind my energy levels were low and I wanted nothing to do with the gym or healthy food. I had to learn to take control of my thoughts and attitude before any type of positive change could happen in my life.

Set small goals and celebrate the wins

Something else I have done to get out of these ruts is set small goals along the way and reward myself for achieving each milestone. Sometimes it is with a snack, but others it may be something new to wear in the gym.

Fuel your fitness groove

I also have done other things, like try new supplements and make sure I stick to my current supplement routine of a multi-vitamin, myHMB, Glutamine, and BCAA’s.

Use happy distractions

I also like to stock my iPhone full of new music and podcasts to keep me entertained during workouts.

Be held accountable

I use accountability by sending pictures to my friends to help keep me on track. I also tell my friends that I am working on getting back into shape and need their support, which is a hint for girl nights being suspended until I can get back into a routine.

Put yourself on blast

Lastly, sometimes I turn to social media to put myself on blast! When you tell a ton of people you are dieting and are getting lean, then posting a picture of yourself with junk food may get responses!

No matter what, getting back onto track after time off your routine can be difficult. Finding positive people and staying positive can help everything else fall into place! It does not make a difference what workout program or diet you follow but patience with any program is important! So enlist the help of your friends or a trainer today and make your plan to get back on track!

Fitness Model & CPA Philita Wheeler doing bicep curls

Philita Scholz

Philita Scholz’s obsession began with running.  After realizing running 50-60 miles a week was no longer a challenge for her she tried out bodybuilding and even qualified for the Arnold Classic Amateur Figure Championships.  Philita is a very focused entrepreneur helping people in the financial, health & wellness, and education arenas.


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