The Sports Nutrition market is shifting to a more mainstream category – Active Nutrition.

The pandemic has accelerated a shift from athlete-focused sports nutrition to everybody-focused active nutrition with an overwhelming interest in immune and mental health.

With everything that’s happened over the last year, people are being more health conscious.  Consumers are looking for natural products to help boost energy, reduce fatigue, and promote a healthy lifestyle.

The Active Nutrition market spans all types of demographics from young, competitive consumers to middle-aged to older consumers trying to remain mobile and independent.  This makes bringing innovative ingredients, like myHMB, to a broad market crucial.

President of TSI Group Ltd, Larry Kolb states, “myHMB (β-hydroxy β-methylbutyrate) is an excellent protein partner as it helps balance muscle protein turnover for optimal muscle health, both enhancing muscle growth through synthesis, and protecting against muscle loss in times of accelerated protein breakdown. Thus, HMB allows the protein/amino acids consumed to be optimally utilized by this muscle machinery to build muscle.”

Read more about The Active Nutrition Opportunity in WholeFoods magazine.  Click here.



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