At the Expo West show health experts Bryce Wylde and Brent Bishop dove into the latest trends surrounding GLP-1 and its impact on weight loss. In an engaging discussion with NutraIngredients USA Editor Danielle Masterson, they shed light on the concerning issue of muscle loss during weight loss journeys and explored potential solutions to mitigate this effect.

In the interview, Wylde and Bishop delved into the intricate relationship between GLP-1 receptor agonists and weight loss, emphasizing the need for sustainable approaches that prioritize muscle health. They highlighted the importance of preserving muscle mass while shedding excess fat, a key factor often overlooked in traditional weight loss strategies.

“We’re facing a critical challenge in the realm of weight loss – the risk of unintended muscle loss,” explained Wylde.

Bishop echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the need for education and awareness surrounding muscle preservation during weight loss efforts. “By understanding the role of GLP-1 and implementing targeted strategies, individuals can optimize their weight loss journey while safeguarding their precious muscle mass,” he remarked.

Tune in to see their interview with Danielle Masterson to hear what she has to add to the conversation.

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