In 2012 AMRAP Nutrition was born by a competitive CrossFitter that was looking to provide competitive athletes with clean, nutritious fuel.   With that concept in mind, a line of supplements made with pure, high quality, and naturally effective ingredients was created.  In AMRAP Nutrition’s “Strength” line is this month’s featured product HMB.

HMB (scientifically known as beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate) is a natural metabolite of the essential amino acid leucine.  This metabolite has been proven to boost protein synthesis while simultaneously reducing protein breakdown.  These mechanisms allow your body to recover faster and build strength and endurance.

Even though our bodies already naturally produce HMB when consuming certain foods – it is only a very small amount. Supplementing with HMB is the only way to truly achieve the benefits it has to offer.  Learn how to customize dosing for the best results.

Start fueling your training results today with AMRAP Nutrition’s HMB!

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