Bryce Smith, the host of the Invictus Mindset Podcast sits down with Shawn Baier, COO of Metabolic Technologies to discuss the importance of our muscles.

Shawn Baier is the COO of the company Metabolic Technologies.  This company is behind the discovery of myHMB – scientificially known as beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate or HMB.  Shawn has been a part of the Metabolic Technologies team since 1997, starting as a research scientist.  His vast knowledge in research and background in strength and conditioning provides a great conversation about how the ingredient myHMB can be a valuable tool to support healthy living.



The Importance of Our Muscles.

About 40% of our total body weight consists of muscle tissue.  Muscles conduct the work that keeps every other tissue and organ in our bodies healthy.  Our muscles store and regulate materials like amino acids and glucose, making them critical to the health of every cell in the human body.

Other roles of our muscles include:

  • Movement
  • Maintaining posture
  • Breathing
  • Temperature regulation
  • Communication
  • Blood circulation
  • Blood vessels and organ constriction


The Dilemma

It is inevitable that our muscles will change with age.  As we age, our muscles become less efficient at maintaining protein synthesis and unfortunately there is a greater rate of protein breakdown.  Our body’s ability to absorb and utilize protein also reduces with age, so if you put all those together, we see a decline in muscle mass and muscle function.

Bryce Smith at the beach with the ocean in the background performing

If you don’t use it, you LOSE it.

We’ve all heard the saying, “If you don’t use it, you lose it.”  While we may not like this saying, it is unfortunately true in a lot of scenarios.  One of the topics discussed in this podcast episode is how at a time of injury or illness, the inability to move can affect your muscles immensely.

“All athletes that you know training through an injury or in this case after a repair try to maintain the muscle mass of those other groups. But unfortunately, he’s got a limb that’s immobilized so what’s happening in that limb?   As we all have seen, you know we all could tell a story about someone you know, or you’ve had a cast on an arm or a boot on your leg and you take it off and it’s like where did the muscle mass go where?” – Shawn Baier.

Research has shown that myHMB can give your muscles a fighting chance, even during an injury or on bed rest.

Listen to the entire conversation between Bryce and Shawn below or on your favorite place to you listen to podcasts.

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