TSI Group Ltd is proud to announce that their muscle health ingredient myHMB received approval from the Brazilian Agencia Nacional de Sanitaria (ANVISA).

ANVISA is Brazil’s regulatory agency for supplement ingredients.  This marks a significant milestone for myHMB’s growth in the global marketplace.

“To receive the ANVISA positive listing was a very comprehensive task,” John C. Fuller, Jr., PhD, TSI Group’s director of Regulatory, said. “Brazil is highly regulated, which fits with our extensive research dossier well. I am gratified to have successfully completed this application because myHMB will end up helping a lot of people in Brazil.”

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Importance of Muscle Health

Many consumers have achy joints and pain as they age.  The culprit for these health issues a lot of times is related to the fact that they’ve lost muscle mass and don’t have enough muscle to provide sufficient stability to their joints.

Maintaining muscle, you’ve built through your lifetime is extremely important for quality of life as you age.   Once muscle is lost, it can be much more difficult to gain back.  Learn more on how myHMB plays a role in muscle health here.

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