Muscle health shapes the way we live our lives as we age.

Nutraceuticals World interviews Larry Kolb, President of TSI Group Ltd, to discuss the importance of muscle health.

Traditionally, the focus on muscle health has been evolved around sports nutrition consumers, but as more light is shed on age-related muscle loss the need for muscle health ingredients broadens.

After the age of 40, the average person will lose 1-1.5% of muscle mass every year.  This rate increases over time and if you don’t manage your muscle health earlier in life, you will lose a significant amount of muscle by the age of 80.  Poor muscle health can hinder your quality of life by impacting your strength and mobility.

Protein has dominated the market in the past for muscle health, but science has shown that more protein isn’t necessarily the solution.

“Today, everything is focused on delivering more protein to the consumer with a variety of product forms and choices. Brands differentiate by saying “our product delivers more protein” using the “more is better” approach when, in fact, it’s well known that eating more protein is not addressing the problem of age-related muscle loss. A large percentage of aging consumers are not able to utilize the protein they consume, so simply adding more protein can add more calories to their diet and cause weight gain. This is why it’s important to shift this conversation and educate consumers about not only eating enough protein, but also understanding the importance of protein utilization. Consumers need to know the shortcomings of protein and amino acids—more is not necessarily better. We need to focus the education on other nutrients that enhance the utilization of protein and amino acids, like HMB.”
– Larry Kolb

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