TSI Group is proud to announce that their ingredient myHMB is now USP-verified, making it the only USP-verified HMB ingredient on the market.


What is USP-verified?

One huge consumer concern has always been whether products contain quality, clean and transparent ingredients.  The USP Ingredient Verification Program for Dietary Ingredients is intended to verify the quality of ingredients supplied for use in the manufacture of dietary supplements and foods.

The USP verified mark on a dietary ingredient indicates:

  1. Quality systems for compliance with regulatory and GMP have been audited and are in compliance and assure consistency from batch to batch.
  2. The product specifications have been reviewed and approved ensuring that the ingredient meets established standards of purity and safety.
  3. The ingredient is further tested by USP and 3rd party analytical laboratories to verify the ingredient meets the specification acceptance criteria. Random lots are further verified on an annual basis to assure the ingredient meets the USP Verified Dietary Ingredient criteria established during the initial ingredient review process.


How is a USP verification obtained?

To be awarded this distinctive mark requires a complete review of the history and specifications of the ingredient, audit of the manufacturing site to GMP and USP standards, review of specifications and independent analysis of selected random lots to be sure specifications are met. Not just once but on an annual basis.

“This is a significant way for TSI to differentiate the quality of myHMB from other HMB products. It’s one thing to say that the ingredient you’re producing is better than any other manufacturer’s; it’s another to have such a highly respected third party verify that what you are doing meets their strict standards,” comments TSI Group president Larry Kolb.


Please click here to read the full article on myHMB becoming USP-verified in Nutritional Outlook.
Please click here to read an article in Nutrition Industry Executive also discussing the new verification.


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