Nirvana Water Sciences, our esteemed partners, received the prestigious Best Functional Drink award at the 2023 Zenith InnoBev Awards for their remarkable Nirvana Super Water, which showcases our clinically proven ingredient, myHMB® Clear.

The InnoBev Awards by Zenith Global annually honor excellence and innovation spanning all sectors of the worldwide soft drinks industry.  Entries are open to entrepreneurs and established brands worldwide to showcase innovation, technology, and packaging.

While being chosen as the Best Functional Drink, Nirvana Super Water also was a finalist in the following categories:

  • Best Brand Extension
  • Best Technology Innovation
  • Best New Brand
  • Best New Drink Concept

“We are incredibly proud that Nirvana Super™ Water has been recognized as the Best Functional Drink from among some of the world’s largest beverage brands. Our HMB-infused water is an industry differentiator and directly supports the growing demand for truly functional awesome-for-you health and wellness products,” said Greg Clark, Nirvana’s VP of Strategy and Product Development.


What Makes Nirvana Super Water Unique?

Unlike other flavored waters, Nirvana Super Water is formulated with innovative, clinically proven ingredients to enhance health and wellbeing.  Nirvana Super Water adds myHMB® Clear, Vitamin D3, and electrolytes to their water.

Why are these important?

  • myHMB® Clear is powerful delivery form of HMB that is rapidly absorbed. HMB or scientifically known as beta-hydroxy beta-methlybutyrate is a metabolite of leucine and has been shown to increase muscle protein synthesis and decrease muscle protein breakdown.  These mechanisms of action allow you to preserve or even build lean muscle mass and improve muscle health to live life to its fullest.
  • Vitamin D is well known for improving bone health, but Vitamin D is also essential for helping our muscles reach their full potential. And when Vitamin D is combined with HMB it optimizes the effectiveness of HMB.  Together these nutrients improve muscle mass, stregngth, and muscle function.
  • Electrolytes are beneficial for hydration. Taking them helps to regulate fluid balance in the body.  They assist in maintaining the proper amount of water both inside and outside our cells, which is crucial for staying hydrated.


Give it a sip for yourself.

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