As people around the world have been affected by the Pandemic, they are starting to realize that health needs to be a top priority.

With more and more people looking into preventative measures to help become healthier as they age.  There are a variety of concerns to address and one being the important role of muscle health as we age.

“With age, there is an inevitable age-related decline in muscle mass and function, which eventually leads to changes in quality of life.  Thus, it is important to look at nutrition as a key variable to maintaining muscle health,” states Larry Kolb, President of TSI Group Ltd.

One dietary supplement that has been proven to help combat age-related muscle loss is HMB or beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate.  HMB is an active metabolite of the amino acid leucine and through its dual mechanism of action in muscle – increases protein synthesis while decreasing protein breakdown to help improve muscle health.  Click here to learn more about HMB and how it can benefit you.

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