Our joints, bones, and muscles are all related to healthy aging and all three systems have a tremendous crossover between them. An article in Natural Products Insider takes a deep dive into the importance of musculoskeletal health.

How our joints and bones and muscles all work together tends to be overlooked when accessing an injury or overall health, but these components all create a healthy body.   For examples, age-related muscle loss can contribute to joint pain and join pain can lead to a lack of exercise, which then leads to changes in bone density and more muscle loss.

Musculoskeletal health is finally being looked at more to help improve overall quality of life as we age.  More people want to be proactive about their health and the nutrition supplement industry are being more proactive in providing what consumers need.

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Signs of unhealthy aging

Pain has been one of the prominent signs of an unhealthy musculoskeletal system.  This could include conditions like osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and sarcopenia.

Unfortunately, age-related muscle loss is inevitable, and the weakening of muscles can increase the chances of injury, influence how one recovers, and impair mobility.

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How Nutrition Can Make an Impact

The body is constantly breaking down and building up tissue.  Given the interconnectedness of the musculoskeletal system, it stands to reason that what nourishes one part of the system will also directly or indirectly benefits the other parts.

While diet and nutrition are so important to health, the simple truth is the quality of food, amounts of processed foods containing large amounts of preservatives continues to increase.  Processed foods impact our gut microbiome negatively and can cause health problems.   This opens opportunities for the dietary supplement industry to step in to help.

A good example of this is Vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 has been considered vital to bone health, but a year-long study done by the NIH also found that the combination of Vitamin D3 and myHMB® helped improve muscle function in older adults, even without exercise.


Please click here to read the full article Musculoskeletal health: An emerging crossover opportunity in healthy aging on Natural Products Insider.


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