“You see fitness is meant to enhance and better your life, not consume it. You should never have to give up any of life’s great pleasures because you’re worried it will interfere with your training and diet.” Words of wisdom from Greg O’Gallagher – founder of Kinobody

Greg O’Gallaghar over the last 5 years has become a well-known fitness influencer from creating training programs, writing books, and creating his own company called Kinobody.  Kinobody’s mission is to build strong and powerful individuals by effectively blending fitness with lifestyle.  While exercise and diet are key to achieving goals, supplements can be essential to achieving results.

In Kinobody’s line of supplements – Kino Aminos features clinically-proven, myHMB® paired with a blend of other key BCAAs.  Kino Aminos helps support the body’s ability to grow and maintain lean muscle, decrease muscle breakdown, and improve muscle recovery to improve overall performance during your workouts and improve recovery post workout.

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