Continued media interest in our newest published study demonstrates just how powerful the duo of HMB plus vitamin D3 really is. Specifically, those interested in targeting moderately active older adults should learn about the benefits this combination has on muscle health. 

As MTI researcher Lisa Pitchford, Ph.D. told NutraIngredients-USA, HMB paired with vitamin D3 turns on a muscle protein synthesis signal that tends to become less active in older adults.  “That’s a limiting factor for the aging muscle,” she explained. She elaborated that as this system becomes less efficient, even extra protein intake might not help as much as previously presumed. “That extra unused protein would just be burned as fuel or burned as fat,” she told the publication. 

Separately, Pitchford has also confirmed that the HMB+D3 combination is ideal for the weight loss category. “The potential to lose muscle mass when you’re trying to lose weight is huge,” she says. “The older you are, the bigger this problem becomes. Muscle burns more calories than fat, so losing muscle mass makes it more difficult to lose weight and keep it off.” 

Healthy aging products are particularly well suited for this ingredient combination. “While the younger generation may be more concerned with how they look, older adults are more concerned with how they feel. They want the benefits of muscle health. Body composition and energy are important,” says Pitchford. “They want to know that as they age, they’ll be able to live independently, and continue doing the things having healthy muscles enable them to do.” 

Not just healthy aging and weight loss but the protein powder sports nutrition market could also gain by adding HMB+D3 to its formulas. “There is a significant opportunity to differentiate your products from your competition by adding HMB+D,” Pitchford has stated. 

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