P90X Founder Tony Horton knows a thing or two about health and fitness.  With the recent discovery of his Ramsay Hunt syndrome, Horton realized the importance muscle health plays in the aging process.  That’s why he’s created a line of supplements called Power Life.

Tony Horton’s Power Life supplements includes a line-up of protein powders, wellness supplements, digestive aids, and muscle and performance boosters.  Each formulation has been heavily researched to ensure consumers can reach their health & wellness goals at any age.

One unique formulation in his protein powders is the inclusion of the ingredients HMB (beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate) and Vitamin D.  Studies have shown that this combination helps to preserve muscle mass, maintain strength and help with recovery from surgery.

Learn more about Tony Horton’s journey and new supplement line in the article Tony Horton’s New Supplement Line Might Be the Secret to Building and Preserving Muscle Over 60 in the Men’s Journal.

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