In the pursuit of fitness goals, the journey doesn’t end with the last rep or the final mile—it extends into the crucial realm of recovery.

Move Nutrition recently hosted a transformative webinar on Proactive Recovery Strategies, featuring insightful discussions with industry leaders in nutrition and wellness.


Empowering Recovery

The webinar kicked off with a dynamic conversation led by popular wellness experts Dana Angelo White, MS, RDN, ATC, and Chris Mohr, PHD, RD. They dove into the essential role of proactive recovery in amplifying training results. By adopting both nutritional and physical strategies, participants learned how to overcome muscle soreness and elevate their performance. Taking proactive steps toward recovery not only ensures a stronger comeback but also accelerates the realization of fitness goals.

Revolutionizing Post-Workout Recovery

Shawn Baier, MS, MBA, took the virtual stage to shed light on the studies behind the renowned supplement HMB (beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate). This powerful ingredient has gained attention for its potential to preserve lean mass and support muscle maintenance post-workout. Baier delved into six recent studies exploring the relationship between exercise and HMB, providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of its benefits. Additionally, he reviewed the International Society of Sports Nutrition’s (ISSN) Position Stand on HMB, offering a scientific perspective on its efficacy.

Take the Next Step in Proactive Recovery

Move Nutrition’s Proactive Recovery Webinar was an invaluable resource for fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and wellness professionals looking to enhance their recovery strategies. By tapping into the expertise of Dana Angelo White, Chris Mohr, and Shawn Baier, participants gained actionable insights to optimize their training and achieve peak performance.

If you missed it, watch it now in the video below.


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