Proteins, the essential building blocks of life, play a vital role in maintaining and building muscle mass. However, achieving the right balance of protein synthesis and breakdown becomes challenging with factors like age and protein quality.

Simply increasing protein intake may not be the straightforward solution. The article in Food Dive explores how myHMB®, a metabolite of the essential amino acid leucine, emerges as a key player in optimizing protein performance, particularly in the functional food and beverages markets.

The Protein Problem

The Protein conundrum is introduced, emphasizing the challenge of efficiently utilizing amino acids for protein synthesis, especially as we age. Despite the Institute of Medicine’s recommended daily protein intake, exceeding this amount does not necessarily result in improved muscle mass or strength, particularly in older demographics. Enter myHMB®, a critical player in the dynamic process of muscle breakdown and rebuilding.

The article highlights myHMB®‘s role in activating key protein synthesis pathways and protecting against excessive protein breakdown, ensuring the effective utilization of amino acids and proteins. Although our bodies naturally produce HMB through leucine metabolism, the conversion rate is low, making direct supplementation with myHMB® a practical and efficient solution. A daily intake of 3 grams of HMB is proven to maintain and improve muscle health.

myHMB® in Functional Foods and Beverages

The focus then shifts to myHMB®‘s integration into the rapidly growing functional food and beverages market. This innovation offers a convenient solution for consumers seeking to support their health and wellness goals. The stability of HMB across various food processing methods and its compatibility with different ingredients make it a versatile addition to products such as protein bars and ready-to-drink beverages.

In conclusion, myHMB® emerges as an ideal partner for protein in the functional food and beverages sector, effectively addressing the challenges of muscle loss and protein utilization. Its proven efficacy, stability across processing methods, and versatility in formulation position it as a valuable ingredient for brands aiming to meet the growing consumer demand for products supporting muscle health. The article envisions a future where maintaining muscle mass and function is as convenient as enjoying a snack or drink, thanks to the innovative power of myHMB®.

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