As we age, we are inevitably prone to muscle loss.  While it is not addressed often age-related muscle loss is commonly linked to low energy, higher fall risk, and loss of physical independence.  That is why it is key to maintain and build muscle to enhance the quality of life as we age.

In Better Nutrition Magazine the article How to Protect Against Age-related Muscle Loss shares 5 ways to be more mindful of your muscle health:

1. Be More Mindful of What You Eat

A poor diet won’t help you maintain muscle or give you the energy you need.

2. Take HMB and Vitamin D

Research has found that these two ingredients combined improved muscle function in older adults, even without exercise.  Read the study here.

3. Sit Less, Move More

As the saying goes ‘Use it or lose it’.  Staying active is important at any age to maintain health.

4. Avoid Environmental Toxins

Be mindful of what you’re putting in your body like alcohol or smoking.

5. Find Your Balance

Be happy in life by finding a good balance of everything that fuels your soul.

Please click here to read the full article (pages 24-25) by Joseph Maroon, MD, FACC.

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