Do you have to have a specific body type or build to compete in strongman?

You definitely don’t have to have a specific body type or build to compete in and be successful in strongman. The great thing about strongman is that the variety of events cater to all body types across the course of a contest.

Certain events will favor athletes that are shorter (pressing, deadlifting), while others will favor those that are taller and have longer arms (carrying events, atlas stones). A body type somewhere in the middle is going to give you the best overall inclination. But when it comes does to it hard work and dedication towards being well rounded will make a greater difference than anything related to your body type.

The more time I spend in strongman, the more I realize that specific skills and their development are just as critical, if not more critical than overall strength and body type.

ASC Pro Strongman Spenser Remick doing sandbag carry

Spenser Remick

Spenser Remick is a competitive ASC Pro Strongman athlete.  His strength journey began as a Collegiate Offensive Lineman, where he held many records in the weight room.  After his Collegiate football career he continued to strength train for powerlifting and Strongman events.  In 2015, Spenser officially earned his ASC Pro Strongman card.  

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ASC Pro Strongman Spenser Remick doing truck pull at the 2015 USA Classic

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