Our team myHMB athletes & coaches share their favorite tips they’ve ever received from a coach or their favorite tip to help you in reaching your goals.

“The best training tip I have gotten from a coach in recent years is to live to have a good next session. Failing reps in training will only lead to more fatigue the next time you train. Focusing on efficient, smooth reps will give you much more bang for your buck than working to absolute exhaustion. Save working until failure for competition day, where it counts!”
– Spenser Remick, Pro Strongman Athlete

“Keeping your training intense is a simple training tip. This means using minimal rest in between your rest periods of whatever workout you were doing. Keeping your heart rate 100 to 140 bpm is a good goal and will help burn additional calories if you watch it during your workout.”
– Mike Kurzeja, Retired Pro Boxer & Boxing Coach

“My best training advice came from my high school basketball coach.  Coach was a blood, sweat and tears kind of guy. He would frequently get up in your face and use his version of reverse psychology “you ain’t got what it takes…you ain’t got what it takes”.  This was sometimes accompanied with his two fingers pounding on your chest. His message was clear: work hard, never take time off from a drill, and always go 100%!  He was passionate in his delivery, but at the same time he was well respected. I often think about Coach and his message.  He helped to instill a champion work ethic in myself.”
– Brad Gillingham, Hall of Fame Powerlifter & CSCS

“My high school wrestling coach always emphasized that the mind was always the weakest link in one’s training.  When the mind is wore out and ready to quit, you have to understand that the body still has plenty to give.  This is what has always driven my training.  In strongman, this mentality was particularly beneficial in training for medleys, tire flipping, stone loading, and any event for maximum distance.  When you realize the body has more, it allows you to keep going even when the going is miserable.”
– Eric Todd, Strength Athlete & Fit Dad


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