As the saying goes “keep your muscles guessing”.  Our fitness guru Carissa Johnson is here with 4 underrated exercises to help mix up your workouts.

In the bodybuilding and fitness world in general there are exercises that are often over-looked and are under-utilized. Here are a few you might want to consider adding to your workout.


Double Crunch

The double crunch combines the traditional crunch with a reverse crunch.  I’ve heard many say to ditch “the crunch”, and while they may or may not be wrong, I credit utilizing the double crunch in my workouts for years in helping me develop my 6 pack. While traditional crunches only target the upper abs, the double crunch helps target the under worked lower abs as well and are easy to incorporate anywhere, anytime.


Glute Ham Raises

This exercise works your glutes, hamstrings, and entire posterior chain. It can be used to help meet a variety of fitness goals, including improving functional fitness, strength and physique, especially those stubborn glutes and hammies. Once you get the movement down you can increase difficulty by adding weight or a band.



While everyone knows what the deadlift is, it is absolutely unappreciated. The deadlift movement is often written off and seen as only beneficial for strongmen or powerlifters. It’s a staple exercise than can benefit almost everyone in some capacity.  It helps contribute to true functional fitness and full body strength. There are an ample amount of variations to utilize from the Romanian deadlift, to the sumo deadlift, there are a variety of variations to target specific areas, but regardless of variation, it’ll build some serious full body strength.


Kettlebell Swing

This exercise is an incredibly beneficial full body workout. Not only does it help strengthen glutes, posterior chain and your shoulders but it can build muscular endurance and improve your cardiovascular health. You can utilize the kettlebell swing in a high intensity interval workout or test your strength with a heavier kettlebell.  It is such a versatile movement for growth and improved strength.


Carissa Johnson in a gym doing dumbbell curls / myhmb blog why women shouldn't be afraid of weights

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WBFF Pro and Fit Mom Carissa Johnson

Carissa Johnson

Carissa Johnson grew up playing soccer and after getting into her corporate accounting career realized she missed competing and the gym.  She earned her WBFF Pro Card in 2011, unfortunately shortly after was in a horrific pedestrian car accident leaving her not sure if she would be able to walk again.  Carissa fought through; built back up her strength and after many surgeries has been able to step back up on stage.  She is the proud mom of two and also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).


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