Incorporating mobility work into your daily routine is important to prepare your body for the stress you put it through during your training.  Team myHMB athlete Spenser Remick shares his favorite ways to improve mobility.

The best way I have found to improve mobility is through soft tissue work (foam rolling) first thing in the morning, which helps me to avoid muscle soreness and stiffness early in the morning, which in turn keeps me from getting sore and tight during the workday.  I have also found that soft tissue work early in the day leads to more flexibility as the day goes on.   

During my training sessions (which usually takes place in the early evening) I can focus on mobility through the specific motions I will be performing in that training session. For example, if I’m deadlifting that day, I will focus my mobility on warming up my posterior chain.   I am not a fan of static stretching before strength training.  I focus more on dynamic warmup movements that simulate the movements I will be doing during the session, and also working all warmup sets through a full (and sometimes exaggerated) range of motion.

ASC Pro Strongman Spenser Remick doing sandbag carry

Spenser Remick

Spenser Remick is a competitive ASC Pro Strongman athlete.  His strength journey began as a Collegiate Offensive Lineman, where he held many records in the weight room.  After his Collegiate football career he continued to strength train for powerlifting and Strongman events.  In 2015, Spenser officially earned his ASC Pro Strongman card.  

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