When starting a workout routine, it can be hard to know where to start.

Our fitness coach Jada Kelly is here to share some incite to help you get consistent with your workouts.

Today, we’re talking about three ways to build consistency with your fitness routine.  My first tip is…

1. Find Your Love Connection

 Find the types of movements and/or workout style that matches with what you already love.  Ask yourself, what are some activities that you enjoy? 

Maybe it’s dancing or being outside, hiking or running. Maybe you love to lift weights and moving heavy stuff.  Find something workout wise that matches with an activity that you already enjoy.  If you enjoy it, then you’ll do it.  That’s your love connection.

Remember when we’re building consistency, it’s more about doing something consistently than what it is that you’re doing.

2. Release Yourself from Time Constraints

So often we get caught up with “I have to spend 60 minutes at the gym”.  When you’re talking about building consistency once again the most important thing is doing it EVERY DAY!  You must get a pattern established.  Whether you have 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, or whatever chunk of time you have available dedicate it to MOVEMENT.  

Once you’ve completed your ‘movement’ for the day, feel great about it, no matter what the duration was.  Just make sure you’re getting it done and that you’re building that positive relationship with ‘movement’.

3. DO IT, Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

Gosh, we never want to hear this one, do we?  We always want to think “If I feel like it today, then I’m going to do it.”  This is a BIG no-no! 

Commitment and dedication are key here.  Sometimes our feelings are not going to match up with our commitments. Sometimes we must just be bigger than our feelings and really dive into our commitment.  Do it even if you don’t really want to because after it’s done, you’re going to be proud of yourself.  You’re going to feel great because those endorphins are going to be released after your workout.  And lastly, you’re going to be excited that you kept your word to yourself and was able to keep that commitment. 

If you follow these three tips, you will find yourself well on your way to establishing consistency with your fitness routine. 

Now once you get consistent, then you can start thinking about other goals that you have and matching your movement style to those goals. But that’s all for another time. 

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Health and wellness coach Jada Kelly

Jada Kelly

Jada Kelly has been a lifetime fitness enthusiast from being a P.E. teacher to a group fitness instructor to a health & wellness speaker now.  As a mother of 2 boys and wife she is always working towards being her best every day and teaching others how to achieve their goals.


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